Team Roping Software Updates

Roping Assistant Professional 6.0

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What's New with the Roping Assistant Professional

The latest version is (launched 6-17-2019)

• Added a flag in the roping controls to remove money from the pot for free run partners
• Fixed upgrade from demo purchase to charge the correct upgrade price if done within 60 days of demo purchase
• Fixed cowboy grid to update after importing cowboys
• On the free runs report, added the roper's partner and rating
• Added the url to see the live ropings when you turn on live publish
• Various other bug fixes

Version (launched 3-25-2019)

• Added ability to purchase a full featured demo of the software before buying the full license and then applying that price to the full price within 60 days
• When doing a winnings by cowboy report and excluding the headers, the heeler rating would be incorrect if it was different from the header rating.
• Expanded the average winners listing in the Perform screen and the online real-time app to show the top 100 places
• Various other bug fixes

Version (launched 2-4-2019)

• Fixed a bug that could sometimes add an extra check for zero dollars when printing winners checks
• Added the ability to add a flyer or image to your text when advertising your roping through sending a text message
• Increased the texting maximum characters from 160 up to 220
• Fixed the spacing on the time sheet callbacks report for less than 3 rounds
• Various other bug fixes

Version (launched 12-8-2018)

• Autodetect the best edge graph to show for each cowboy
• Fixed a bug where rotations weren't immediately showing up in reports after changing them
• Changed sending team position texts to only send 1 text per roper with all their teams
• Added the ability to narrow the high money winnings report to just header or just heelers or everyone
• Fixed a bug on a non progressive roping without a short-go where some of the times in the last round wouldn't be considered for fastest time in that round
• Various other bug fixes

Version (launched 9-29-2018)

• Added gender and birthdate to the cowboy import for mass importing
• Fixed a bug that could lead an update to not install completely
• Optimized the loading of the EDGE numbering data
• Added a global option for the number of decimal points to use when entering times (to allow 3 digit precision instead of 2, etc)
• Various other bug fixes

Version (launched 7-9-2018)

• Now allows you to just double click an assocation to activate it and automatically selects the active association on the association dialog.
• Fixed blank names from accidentally being entered in cowboy maintenance and during team entry.
• Fixed the live roping feed for very large ropings
• Various other bug fixes

Version is (launched 5-21-2018)

• Added support for men only, women only, and mixed gender ropings
• Added flexible support for age range ropings (over 40, etc) including individual and team age checks
• Fixed spelling on some number abreviations
• Added a flag for maximizing the team rating for free runs as an option (i.e. an #8 needing a free run in a #12 roping will pick a #4 heeler instead of a #3 heeler)
• Added detailed tooltips to all the variable labels to help people understand what each variable is used for (with ability to turn them off in the global settings)
• Various other bug fixes

Version (launched 4-2-2018)

• Added firewall checking when connecting to a network to know whether it needs turned off or not
• Fixed initial network connect to connect immediately after getting approval from the host computer
• Fixed demo status to update immediately after an unlock or purchase
• Added more information to the live ropings display
• Ability to publish the team listing live before the roping starts
• Various other bug fixes

Version (launched 3-05-2018)

• Added texting status to the texting history menu so you can see if there were any errors sending out your texts
• Added team listing to the live ropings so cowboys can see their team numbers on their phones
• Various other bug fixes

Version (launched 2-20-2018)

• Fixed a drawpot drawing bug where it would sometimes incorrectly report that a roper couldn't be drawn when they could
• Enhanced the purchase options
• Surfaced live roping capability so ropers can watch the roping progress from or the My Roping Live app on their smart phone
• Various other bug fixes

Version (launched 1-1-2018)

• Added a Placement tab on the performance screen that shows what time they need to beat to place in each hole of the payoff
• Added a Rolled tab on the performance screen that shows teams that have been rolled and lets you double click them to run them whenever you want
• Added a button in the incentive payout variables to re-mark all incentive teams (in case you forget to set the incentive before you do signup). It also gives you an incentive team count.
• Adjusted the variable (event properties) dialog to fit all the values better
• Added the team count to the top of the team signup screen as you are entering teams (next to the last team entered information)
• Fixed the "Copy settings from another roping" button in the variables to copy everything but title, start date, and roping type. You can also undo the copy by canceling the dialog instead of clicking Ok to save it. You can also copy from a roping in a different roping series.
• Fixed a bug where a tie in the last place team could result in only one of those tied teams shown as a winner
• Various other bug fixes

Version (launched 12-18-2017)

• Removed the annoying feature that says there are no more teams to run after each round
• Added a free run count to the bottom of the free runs report
• Adjusted the manual timesheet report to fit a 4 steer with handicaps on a page without wrapping
• Adjusted the variable (event properties) dialog to fit all the values better
• Make titles in the roping tree list keep in sync with any editing changes
• When you change a cowboy's rating in a roping, it will now change that rating on all his teams automatically
• Added a button to force a refresh of all the network data so everything about the roping is up to date on that computer (useful when doing network roping)
• On roping order screen all the appropriate teams now show up in the other teams window whether they are heading or heeling
• On the participants listing report, the header and heeler counts are broken out separately when the event detail is hidden
• Fixed the searching of cowboys with middle names on signup and cowboy maintenance to work correctly
• Various other bug fixes

Version is (launched 11-28-2017)

• Improved text messaging
• Improved and simplified subscription management
• Improved error handling
• Fixed a bug that would occasionally crash the program when switching associations
• Other misc bug fixes

Version (launched 9-7-2017)

• Added full support for the EDGE rating system
• Added graphing and trending support for the EDGE system
• Fixed a rare crashing bug when switching associations
• Fixed a crashing bug when an invalid printer was selected in windows
• Fixed a crashing bug when trying to set the next team to rope without selecting one
• Doubled the number of supported rounds (now supports up to 20 rounds)
• Added min header and heeler rating settings
• Many other fixes!

Version (launched 8-27-2016)

• Fixed the generate test teams feature to work with pick-n-draw ropings
• Added a global option to show NT on the perform event screen for ropers who haven't roped yet
• Fixed a random crashing bug when opening certain ropings
• Fixed overall round money payout bug in certain circumstances
• Fixed a crashing bug when importing a file locked by another program
• Fixed a crashing bug in certain cases when counting runs for reports
• Fixed a potential crash when printing winner checks
• Fixed error when saving a report to a filename locked by another program
• Misc other bug fixes

Version (launched 3-21-2016)

• Added a tools menu item called "Clear Network Rejections" to clear all your rejected network connections (in case you accidentally reject a client you are connecting with)
• Added more flexible texting with a 500 mile radius of your arena
• Fixed a rare bug where a cowboy that was heading and heeling in a drawpot could draw up with himself on the same team
• Misc bug fixes

Version (launched 12-5-2015)

• Fixed a renewal bug that would sometimes not allow the software to be renewed
• Misc bug fixes

Version (launched 12-4-2015)

• Fixed a free run bug where one person could be randomly assigned more free runs than another person
• Fixed an issue with overrides where an override code could be prematurely disabled
• Added fixes to the automatic software updater

Version (launched 11-16-2015)

• Added Texting features to text to your own cowboy list (to advertise your ropings) -- no cell phone providers necessary
• Added Texting features to text to our global list of cowboys (to advertise your ropings)
• Added zipcode ranges to texting (i.e. within 100 miles, 300 miles, etc)
• Fixed crashing bug when sending team number texts to cowboys
• Fixed crashing bug when trying to print reports without a default printer selected
• Fixed more misc crashing bugs

Version (launched 5-13-2015)

• Fixed the copy settings from another roping feature to work with new ropings that were just created
• Added a total cowboy count on the cowboy maintenance screen
• Show all cowboys in the cowboy maintenance (instead of just the first 10,000) when the advanced features checkbox is active
• Made Association management easier by adding all the custom data fields to cowboy maintenance for easy grouping and sorting
• Fixed more misc crashing bugs

Version (launched 3-18-2015)

• Added report of those not able to be drawn up into teams
• Completely reworked the draw algorithm to make it work much better and much faster
• Added a global options flag to use old draw algorithm
• Added callback positions in the short go performance screen
• Added a feature to Pick-N-Draw ropings under the rotations dialog to gather ropers into back-to-back rotations where possible
• Added a button on the main variables dialog to copy all the variables from another roping (in case you run the same type of ropings over and over)
• Misc bug fixes and enhancements

Version (launched 9-22-2014)

• Fixed override codes for non-US date formats
• Created a floating performance screen (non-modal) so you can do other things without closing it
• Added full support for National Combine Ropings
• Added custom control over the roper spacing on the variables screen to manually specify how to space the teams
• Fixed bug after renumbering all teams in the roping order screen, the team listing still keeps the old numbers until you open and close the roping.
• Fixed bug in the Ranking by Money Winnings in rare cases where fastest on two or overall fastgo is used
• Fixed bug that sometimes mis-reported that a roper had too many entries when their entry was being edited.
• Added a combine entry dialog to quickly enter ropers into a National Combine Roping
• Fixed phantom times that could sometimes remain after re-drawing a roping
• Added the ability to re-draw just the drawpot portion on the pick-n-draw without changing the order on the picked teams
• Added the ability to exclude cowboys from mailing labels that don't have full address information
• Misc. bug fixes

Version (launched 3-4-2013)

• Fixed a payoff calculation bug when both fastgo and incentive payouts are being used together.
• Added a feature under handicaps to use them or not use them to find average winners when you have to drop back rounds to find a winner (i.e. dropping back to 2 steers in a 3 steer roping to find an average winner)
• Fixed the "Select Roping" form so roping titles aren't truncated
• Fixed cowboy maintenance to preserve grid position when deleting cowboys
• Added new Handicap save/load system to save as many handicap settings as you need and load them later at the touch of a button.
• Vastly improved the drawing when using the "allow same partner" checkbox during the draw.
• Added consistent ordering to the Ropings and Roping Series. They will now stay in the order they were created within a Roping Series.
• Added clarifications to options in several dialogs
• Added a report option to hide team numbers on participants listing
• Added ability to run the short go in team order instead of fastest to slowest or slowest to fastest
• Added timestamp to live web feed
• Added 12 more phone carriers for texting at the arena
• Other misc improvements

Version (launched 9-17-2012)

• Fixed the cowboy import field order to match the export
• Fixed free run case where cowboy was both heading and heeling in Picked teams or drawn teams.
• Fixed the automatic incentive marking for certain cases when using the elite or plus numbering system
• Handicaps are no longer removed from average times when rolling back rounds to find winners (i.e. winners who don't catch all their steers dont have handicap added on fewer runs)
• Fixed Roper Ranking report to eliminate duplicate entries and to split headers and heelers apart if that option is selected
• Fixed a bug where header and heeler are both free runs they are left off the free runs report
• Misc. other bug fixes

Version 5.0.105 (launched 7-9-2012)

• Fixed the minimum team rating checking when entering a numbered or pick-n-draw roping.
• Added ability to switch watch window easily to different screens
• Added watch window manager
• Added control in the watch window over the time to display each screen, the windows sizing, and the header font sizes
• A large number of stability bugs fixed
• Fixed some bugs in the free runs that would sometimes cause it to mark them inaccurately
• Added a subscription emergency override feature
• Added accelerator keys

Version 5.0.102 (launched 10-04-2011)

• Reworked the free runs.
• Fixed free runs report and made free runs random instead of skewed to those buying the most runs
• Fixed error handling on Finalizing WSTR Ropings. It won't remove the data files unless it succeeds with the upload.
• Fixed cowboy name searching and entry so middle names or initials don't make duplicate entries in the cowboy maintenance list
• Defaults to the original association if for some reason your current association has been moved or deleted

Version 5.0.100 (launched 5-24-2011)

• Greatly optimized roping load times (especially across a network)
• Optimized all of the network synchronizing Fixed the printing of checks to follow the rounding rules when spelling out the dollar amounts on the check.
• Removed deleted ropings from the list of ropings on the cowboy maintenance screen.
• Various cosmetic fixes
• Fixed a bug that could display an incorrect rating number in a rare case. Display bug only not affecting any calculations.
• Fixed numerous unhandled exceptions that would crash the program
• Fixed a crashing bug for Ride in ropings that are started from scratch with just ride-in ropers
• Fixed the message saying teams have been updated every time a ride-in team is added
• Fixed the association fee when taking it out after the stock charge.
• Fixed a bug where empty variable fields (i.e. empty association fees field) could crash the program when saving variables.
• Fixed a bug where converting a roping from a numbered roping to a pick-n-draw roping didn't preserve the existing teams.
• Changed the event order in the Participants listing to be in the same order the events were created in.

• Added a check to the variables to dis-allow a plus number as the maximum or minimum team rating to keep double pluses from drawing up together.

Version 5.0.96 (launched 4-13-2011)

• Fixed the counting of free runs against a roper's ability to continue entering the roping
• In a Pick-N-Draw roping, the computer can add free runs using ropers from the picked portion to match up with cowboys in the draw that can't match with others in the draw
• Fixed the drawpot entry portion of the pick-n-draw to only show computer generated entries if they have more than zero heading or heeling entries
• Added Cellular South as a texting carrier
• In a Pick-Or-Draw roping, the computer will add free runs from the picked teams into the drawpot if there aren't enough ropers in the draw portion to do the matchup
• Now shows the cowboy's state when entering teams to help identify the proper cowboy
• It now catches duplicate teams that are entered from different computers on the network (also catches duplicate cowboys in the drawpot from different networked machines)
• Remembers which teams you have rolled; even if you exit the perform screen.
• Fixed exception when trying to purchase a subscription while not connected to the internet
• Fixed a bug where double clicking on a filter row in cowboy maintenance would cause an exception and close the program.
• Hitting Smaller or Larger on the report preview too many times could cause an exception. This has been fixed.
• Fixed a bug where the buyback dollars weren't showing in the payoff summary report
• Fixed a bug where the cursor could move to a different team after a network refresh

Version 5.0.94 (launched 3-9-2011)

• Fixed the cowboy entry on signup to only do initial caps on the name if it isn't already all caps
• Added the consolation tab on the performance screen for the announcer
• Automatically updates the roping variables on all network computers -- No more opening and closing ropings just to get the new variables
• Automatically updates roping times on network computers. This allows multiple arenas to enter times into the same roping at the same time
• Fixed the repeating header entry so it works when the global flag is checked. Allows multiple heelers to be quickly entered with the same header
• Fixed ride in roping button on the performance screen to not time the team immediately after they are entered unless there aren't any more teams waiting to run. The ride in team is added to the bottom of the round.
• Fixed the pick and drawn to provide all the necessary warnings and precautions so events can't get drawn up wrong
• Fixed the mis-numbering of teams in certain conditions on some pick-n-draw ropings when they are drawn
• Added a hot keys to the buttons in the perform screen for easier access
• Fixed a bug that would sometimes not let variables be saved when connected over a network
• Simplified the team spacing interface and vastly improved the algorithm. It now chooses dynamic spacing that automatically finds the best roping spacing -- removed all the spacing options from the variables except to choose if you want ropers space closer together or farther apart.
• Added a smaller and larger button on the report screen for quickly changing font sizes on the reports -- little rough, but it is a good start
• Fixed all the spots where double clicking on the scroll bar performs a double-click operation in the dialog
• Improved the WSTR database download speed by a factor of 10x
• Fixed overlapping buttons on the cowboy maintenance screen and other cosmetic tweaks
Improved the speed when going in and out of the variables screen
• Fixed the checkbox on the perform screen that toggles between fastest to slowest and slowest to fastest
• Fixed the shortgo so it doesn't keep reordering the teams during a network update
• Other misc. fixes and enhancements

Version 5.0.86

• Added a drawpot print button to the drawpot entry dialog (to create a listing of entries before they are drawn)
• Added the ability to save your handicap settings and load them later into a different roping. Useful if you frequently use the same handicaps
• Added the ability to record who missed the steer (header or heeler) with easy hotkeys
• Fixed the fastgo in the consolation round to not include those not in the consolation bracket
• Added consolation leaders and consolation cutoff time to the watch window with flags to turn it on and off
• Made various fixes to the watch window including showing the number of catches in the short go and making sizeable watch areas within the window
• Added a checkbox on overall payoffs to exclude shortgo from the overall fastest
• Added the placement in the consolation average to the Last Team display on watch window and perform screen
• Fixed a bug on the name formatting on reports when showing only first name initials
• Fixed the average teams count to not include consolation ropers on the watch window and performance screen
• Other misc. fixes and enhancements

Version 5.0.83

• Added the cowboy's WSTR status to the cowboy edit screen (i.e. Non Member vs Full Paid Member)
• Added a filter checkbox to the cowboy screen to just show non wstr members
• Added checkboxes and fixed payoffs to allow lump sum additions, deductions, and association fees to be done before or after stock charge independently
• Fixed the Farmtek timer global settings tab to detect best com port and fill in the number and made the test button really work
• Made better page break spacing on the participants listing report
• Fixed mailing labels so they fit the Avery 5160 format better
• Lots of cosmetic fixes to various screens
• Made the check printing obey the rounding rules set in the global payoff options
In the time entry dialog (on the performance screen) the time with handicap has been added (when applicable)
• Added a watch screen to watch a roping in progress. This allows you to hook up an extra monitor or TV to any networked computer to display statistics as the roping runs for the audience to see.
• Added watch window settings by right clicking on the watch window (including font size and what to show)
• Other misc. fixes and enhancements

Version 5.0.74

• Fixed single rotation printing for participants listings
• Ability in the global settings to round the payouts to the nearest 5 dollars
• Added a "Name Format" button to the reports so you can format the names however you want
• Added a checkbox to not allow average winners to win the round money in any given round
• Allow changing of rotations and position from the "change team" screen on signup. Does repositioning automatically in one step instead of having to manually move them
• Add a count to the cowboys maintenance screen so you know how many cowboys you have
• Added a global option to search and enter cowboys by last name first
• Added ability to pull up a cowboy by id number while signing up
• Added ability to send text messages to your cowboys showing their team numbers and partners
• Other misc. fixes and enhancements