Team Roping Software Pricing

Roping Assistant Professional 6.0

Team Roping Software at its Finest...Tried and Proven for over 25 years!


We have always tried to keep the Roping Assistant Software affordable for everyone that produces ropings. The software is sold as a subscription and renewed on a yearly basis. This allows us to include the upgrades for free to subscribing members.

We have the following pricing options. All options allow you to network multiple computers together at your event to take advantage of the networking capability of the software.

  • You can buy a 10 day usage license of the software for $125.00. This is a one time cost that allows you to use the software for 10 consecutive days starting at the time of purchase. It only comes with support during office hours as posted on the website.
  • You can buy a 30 day full use "demo" license of the software for $200. This price can be applied to the initial software cost of $750 if purchased within 60 days of your demo purchase. This is a fully functional version of the software without any artificial limits. It only comes with support during office hours as posted on the website.
  • You can buy the full software for $750 which also includes the first year of your subscription.

After you have purchased the full $750 license, you can renew each additional year for only $499, provided that your subscription doesn't lapse for more than 90 days. If you don't purchase a renewal within 90 days of your subscription expiring it will be cancelled and you will have to start over with a new $750 subscription if you decide to start using the software for ropings again.


If you have questions and would like to contact us please click on the link or call us at (903) 502-0499.