Live Roping Feature

We have recently added a new feature to the Roping Assistant Professional software (version and above) that allows you with the click of a button to publish your roping progress live as you run the ropings. YOUR ROPERS WILL LOVE THIS FEATURE! It allows them to watch the progress of the roping live on their smart phones with the free My Roping Live app or on our website at Even family that can't make it to the roping can follow along.

Turning on and off the live roping feature is as simple as clicking the option in the variables screen.

You can also see the status and turn it on from the performance screen by clicking on the link shown.

And now live publish is active as shown below

The ropers will be able to see who just roped, where that moved them to in the average, and what teams are coming up next.

They will be able to see the leaders in the average thus far

They will be able to see the current round leaders

And most importantly, they will be able to see the teams they are roping with.

Give this new feature and try and see how much mileage it gets you.